Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carrots and cucumbers!

It is more exciting every time that I come here to Green Toe Ground. I have been harassing Gaelan about all the things i see.... "hey those fennel look ready! Can i have those cukes? You're growing parsley right?"
I know that I am jumping the gun but it is just so amazing to be surrounded with all this amazing growth. I have a few problems with patience. just a few. Anyway, its cucumber time and the sweet thin sugarsnax carrots have turned into brilliant subterranean icicles and I want them, in my mouth in my kitchen on your plate. God help Gaelan when the tomatoes start to ripen. You will soon see pics of me rolling on the earth smashing tomatoes into my eyeballs!

I really can't relate how much fun it is to pull your inspiration from the earth. It makes me breathe easier. It is my reason for being on this planet. I have been guided at times gently and at other times not so gently to this point my entire life. Divine providence is such a handy motivator! Thanks Nicole and Gaelan! It is wonderful that so many hard working craftsmen would dedicate their lives to an effort that betters so many other lives. This is the new selflessness that still can stand up to and hold hands with objectivist epistemology. We create our own eden in defiance of the blatant wholesale destruction of the rest of the world by those who solicit our trust and dollars. Am I ranting?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Junes promising bounty

So we find ourselves in the glory of June! My birthmonth! There is so much happening on the farm that I find myself constantly jealous of my farming brethren who get to spend their days out of doors fondling all these beautiful plants. I love the time that I do get to spend on Green Toe Ground with them and I always get a fun task ... like sheep herding.

I find it amazing that the sheep talk to you and come to you unless you need them to. As soon as they sense that you are indeed herding them they rebel. This was my first experience and my friends had no end of laughter for my involvement and my enthusiasm. Overall, amazing way to start the day. I had to put my coffee down but it didn't get knocked over!