Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May has been awesome and I am so excited about june

My first spring in the nc mtns since I was nine is finally here and I have been thinking general excited thoughts about all the things I am going to get my hands on all winter long. And just like all things patiently awaited it comes on so quickly that I find myself rushing at every chance to get my hands on whatever I can only to find that I have but one chance to harvest before earth is moving on to the next harbinger of what seems to be an amazing summer.
I pick chick weed and nettles and branch lettuce as the first radishes and tender young lettuces are showing up to the prty. And soon farmers are all calling with reports on how the rabbits or chic or cows are doing and the fair weather residents return to our mountain paradise. I am trying so hard to hold on to each precious moment. And it's all running over and past me. But my hibernation mind is awake and full of new inspiration. First big spring hit is grilled white lady turnips, popcorn, and green onion vinaigrette.

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