Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now for the how to.

roughly chop one bunch of spring onions and one bunch of flat leaf parsley and place in a bowl.
Add the fresh squeezed juice of one lemon. Then a pinch each of salt pepper and thyme.
Add extra virgin olive oil til the contents are almost covered.
This should make about one quart. I like to keep this in a mason jar with a tight lid in the fridge. In fact I like to put almost anything in mason jars. It is easy and pretty and if you made it you don't need a label because you can see what is in there.

On to the veggies and popcorn!

Half or quarter to your desires, four white turnips and two french breakfast radishes for each person who wants to eat. Place in a bowl and top with one tablespoon vinaigrette per serving. Now add a pinch each of salt, pepper and thyme. Stir or toss according to whim. place on a hot grill and leave it be for long enough to get some grill marks. This will vary much according to grill so don't go anywhere, just stay there and watch it go. After you see the turnips and radishes begin to mark up, give them a stir as to expose unmarked surfaces to hot grill. Add one handful of fresh popped popcorn per person right onto the grill and stir all together with the veggies. You may lose a kernel or two so you can add more, don't worry. Now, using spatula and tongs remove all ingredients from the grill quickly and return to your bowl. Add another spoon of vinaigrette and toss. Turn out onto plates or service platter.
Dig in! No need for utensils.

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