Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the adventure continues

The setting of the outdoor pit could not have been better as I think these pictures illustrate. There were about 125 people there and everyone was helping with something. As you all may know if you build a fire and there are other people around the men will assemble and discuss the merits of proper firebuilding. Well imagine what happens when you stuff a pig with chickens and herbs and stand by it for 9 hours. Usually people would come, scrutinize and decided the pig needed some action so we would spin her. But then they would leave and I would be alone again with pepperoni. Jay Bolemon and Sally James did a good job of hanging out and taking it all in. There was lots of wine. Then the farm olympics began. I lost in a scuffle hoe contest against Joe, but he has a lot more practice than I do. Finally Gaelan and I hauled the pig over to the serving table and everyone dove in. There were hot corn tortillas and pickled jalapenos and some people just walking around with huge hunks of meat in their hands. It was greasy and barbaric. Then I took a huge bite out of the heart. It was the best meat I had ever tasted in my life. The world was spinning and I was in love and in the sun. Then the music began.

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