Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am finally sitting down in august to write about june. These times go by mighty fast.I have had several thoughts of bringing the computer into the kitchen with me but last week I put my japanese water stone in front of my cutting board for days and I still could not find or make time to sharpen my two point-less knives that the whole staff shares at the knife & fork. This season has been abundant. Last year I arrived in burnsville at the beginning of june and last summer was cool and wet. This year has been so different. Hot and dry with intermittent showers for three day spells have brought thick, ripe and sultry vegetables. I mean this is the stuff you would tell your grandchildren; "...I picked peaches the size of babyheads and all the cars ran on syrup....." . Utopian. It has been dificult to keep up with the garden. And, I don't do it alone. My brother-in-law has upkept the two garden spots we have and it is an overwhelming job. This is still a small concern compared to green toe ground. They have sixteen acres and have a hand in it all.
It is easy to be influenced at the farm. The pics I have shown you of cucumbers and carrots all come together so well with the help of an amazing chicken from amos nidiffer at trosly farm.

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