Monday, August 30, 2010

The amazing july fourth pig roast

This amazing day started with a stout coffee and a 7:30am drive with my friend Tyler. We cruised along the south toe river's bends and pulled into the grounds of green toe. We were greeted by a crew of men that had been handling the details of the pig slaughter and cleaning. Pepperoni was peacefully laying in the back of Gaelan's truck wrapped in a clean plastic tarp. Fresh meat is such an amazing thing. No odors or questionable things to deal with. Using a good seven foot length of pipe and some bailing wire we prepared the pig for the spit. I had brought three fresh chickens from my friends Amos and Kaci Nidiffer in Elk Park and a half bushel of fresh thyme from Kelly Rothe. The heart, liver and kidneys of the pig had been saved as well. I placed the chickens, the organs , thyme and salt and pepper in the cavity of pepperoni then wound her all around with the bailing wire and we carried the whole package over to the fire and set her up about four feet over the fire. Then we jumped into the river!
The shot of salt and pepper and a mason jar labeled "4 the pig" leaning on the fire logs is a simple testament to minimalism. All the real work was done before we started cooking. Other than the ridiculous and glorious fact that we stuffed animals into another animal all we needed was salt and pepper and my homemade 7 pepper sauce made special 4 the pig. And of that I had made only two quarts that I occasionally dribbled on the upward facing portion of the roast throughout the nine-hour process. Not much active time here but a whole lot of great fireside chats with beautiful friends old and new. Here's a video by Jeff Goodman on proper saucing.

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