Monday, September 13, 2010

more details on a really simple recipe

Great scenes from an August harvest.  Again I really have to emphasize my jealousy of Nicole and Gaelan and their office on days like this.  The mornings and nights are cool and the days are perfect.  It is so easy to be inspired and so easy to know just what to do with these veggies.  The answer seems always to preserve their natural beauty.  Not too much fuss just cut them a few times to make them more fork-manageable but not enough to diminish their shape. These amazing sweet peppers actually taste different where they are green and where they are red so I like to cut strips that have red fading into green. Man, people all really need to grow their own food.  We all need a little more work in our lives and a little less convenience.  I think this would be a good way to fight american obesity and get people to move away from congested city centers and search for land.  I don't want to make all this seem too simple or give you the impression that I have all the answers. I do not.  I can cook and I can work hard and these two things have been a catalyst of great joy and a decent chip in a barter based local economy.

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